Special Subscription Options

For Shy & Busy People

We make dating hassle-free so baptised singles can get to the point of actually enjoying meaningful time together.

How It Works

You come to us and tell us the kind of person you are looking for in the section provided in the form. Once you make your payment for an international (in and outside of Jamaica, the Caribbean & Africa) search, or local search (within Jamaica, the Caribbean & Africa), we go searching on your behalf.

You then simply relax and wait for us to come back to you with the details of potential matches, base on your dating description, that are ready to connect with you.

Upon your decision to connect with anyone of the persons we present to you, our job is done. And your subcription ends. But you remain subscribed, and we keep looking, until you decide to connect with one of our finds. It is that simple. It is that beneficial.

Below are a few persons who recently benefited from our Special Subscription Option

Local Connection Client

Alex (Jamaica): J A Singles is a christian exclusive dating platform that provies a safe space for a born again christian single to connect with another christian he/she might be interested in with the intention of courting that person for marriage.

I recommend J A Singles without reservation because the staff are very accommodating, professional and promt in their response to your queries.

International Search Client

A United Kingdom based client which benefited from our International Search Option.

Local Search Client

Lee (Jamaica): J A Singles is God-sent. They make it easy to network with like minded individuals worldwide.

Recently Married

Jason & Grace are a recently married couple in Jamaica.

Jason is a beneficiary of the Local Search Option under our Special Subscription Options.

Jason's recommendation: J A Singles conducts extensive checks on behalf of individuals. It therefore takes the hassle away from individuals having to visit every church in Jamaica, hoping to find their potential partner.

CVM Television Interview With The Director Of J A Singles

Our Company

J A Singles believes in going to extra mile to make happy, christ centred connections. We endeavour to cater to individual needs through the provision of various ranges of services with the aim of getting you connected.

That said, if you are seriously looking for a connection that leads to marriage, our special subscription option is your best chance. That is because we not only connect you with someone that matches your dating description. But we also connect you with persons who, like yourself, are seeking for a relationship that leads to marriage.

J A Singles isn't just a platform where you can find a good wife or husband, but is a platform where you can find a companion, friend, help mate, and someone who draws you closer to God first.

Client, Nigeria


J A Singles develops a dynamic, helpful, serious, reliable ministry that uses the word of God as the basis for its actions and leadership, taking an interest in the comprehensive well-being of its participants, especially spiritual. It contributes to the formation of couples, and solid  christian families, so I recommend it to all those who want to achieve these goals in their lives.

International Search Client