Hi Everyone, welcome to our new website for single Christians intentional about connecting with another single that is also Christian.

Please note:

You will need to fill out all relevant details in order to register.

Once registered, you will also need to fill out all relevant info in order to complete your profile.

Please note that the picture section of the profile in mobile version presently causes difficulty to complete the profile. But if you can get on a laptop/ desktop you will find that this problem disappears.

Please try and use a low quality or lower mega pixel pic though, whether signing up on mobile or laptop. For mobile signup up, it is worth trying some low mega pixel pic in the meanwhile till we clear things up with the developers. But uploading a pic is the only issue that cause the process to stall. Yet we are working on this, so please bear with us.

Once your profile is filled out, you may upgrade to the complementary premium membership which is free of charge. This allows you to do basic search and be able to have a feel of the website. To see the upgrades, simply click on search or any function that you would like to perform and you will be prompted to upgrade. Feel free to take on our Complimentary one, or pay for one of the others.

The other premium packages are Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

The Bronze gives you 30 days to all features of the website excluding advance search. Silver gives you 90 days access to all features excluding advance search. Gold gives you 90 days access to all features to include advance search. Advance search delves in deeper than search to give you more search options to better pin point the person you are looking for in a single search.

Please bear with us as we sort all issues in our first few days of website launch. We are happy and willing to help you with any technical difficulties that you are not able to decipher. You can Contact us here, or on any of our social media pages.