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Welcome to J A Singles

At J A Singles, we understand that it can be quite an elusive task to meet a single Christian with the same values and commitments as you. That is why we’re so dedicated to creating an online community to help you meet someone that could be right for you.

We specialise in helping Seventh-day Adventists find like-minded people who are also looking for a meaningful relationship that can lead to marriage. In addition to our services for Adventists, we can help Christians of all denominations find a godly partner to build a connection and potentially a life with.

Our experts are passionate about connecting people. We want to be the beginning of your love story, which is why we work hard to ensure our site is a great environment for your relationship to blossom.
We endeavour to verify all profiles are genuine and our customer service team are ready to hear and resolve any concerns you might have.

We offer 4 special subscriptions that we manage for you ourselves, that you can access the registration form here. Or to see some of our recent signups have a look here.

Subscription 1 gives you the opportunity of having us search locally, within jamaica, on your behalf, for that person that practically fits the value description of what you tell us you seek for in a partner, as well as you practically fit their value description. Subscription 2 allows you to be reserved on a list from which potential connections are chosen for searchers of Subscription 1. Subscription 3 is a Single of the Day feature, where you will be featured on both our social media pages for 24hrs. Subscription 4 does the same thing that 1 does but with an international facet, therefore allowing an international search to be done for you.

With our Special Subscriptions, we offer added peace of mind in verifying with individual churches that the particular subscriber is a member of their church. This ties in with our mandate of not only offering a service but also being a ministry. It gets our churches involved and fosters trust not only between our clients and us – in knowing that we involved their churches. But it also fosters trust between client and potential partner – in knowing that their potential partner is a verified member of a church.

Furthermore, though a separate entity from the Seventh-day Adventist Church, J A Singles is run by a Seventh-day Adventist administration, with the best interest of all Christian singles at heart.

That said, knowing what you really want in a partner can make it much easier when trying find someone that you can build a life with. When you’re proactive in your search for your match, you’ll find someone as committed to making the best choices in their life as you are. Who better to build a future with than someone who is passionate about the same values as you are?

If you’re looking to find a partner that shares your values, don’t hesitate to sign up for J A Singles today. We understand it can be hard to find the time, which is why we do the legwork for you and why we’re focused on helping Christian singles find each other. Since our start on April 5th, 2020, J A Singles has made several happy connections and we would love to do the same for you.

Upcoming Annual Events:

Singles’ Spring Vacation 2024



Weekly Events:

Speed Dates – USA, Canada, UK

Christian Singles’ Sunday Meet (Montego Bay, Jamaica)

Christian Singles’ Thursday Meet (Kingston, Jamaica)


Monday Movie Date (Kingston, Jamaica)


Bi Annual Events

Christian Singles Beach & Brunch 2023 – Part 1 – A Pink & Black Affair

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How To Look & Feel Your Best While Single & Waiting…

Looking and feeling better about yourself
can greatly impact the way in which you view yourself
and relate to others in any form of relationship.

February to March 2024 Fitness Programme Special