Being Sexy Is Important

While looks are not the first priority as is values and character (the sweet part), it is certainly not the last. Infact, it is very important. And as a christian seeking a spouse, and preparing for marriage, you should be single, sexy, and sweet.

As a single, you should keep yourself trimmed, in shape, and looking good. For how else do you expect to be presentable to others if you don’t take care of your physical? And this does not mean you need to show your bodily parts unnecessarily, unless you are at a beach for example, or working out, or  you are a male personal trainer who sometimes take pics to show hard work and results received.

Being Sexy Shouldn’t Stop When You Get Married

But not only when single, but worse, some married couple neglect taking care of their bodies. And they fool themselves, selfishly too, that they already have the person, so they do not need to do anything else. Others genuinely forget. Whichever the case though, maintaining ones physique even after marriage is very important. This is not only to help keep the other person engaged/ enticed, but also to be considerate. The reality is, they would have met you a certain way, and would have loved if that physical way could be maintained or bettered.

Yes, there is the reality of pregnancy, so it is very important that ladies do some exercise during pregnancy to make it easier for the body to go back to after the baby is born. You are advised to seek the help of a personal trainer who is certified in training a lady during pregnancy. Yes, pregnancy doesn’t have to have a lasting effect on your figure. You can get right back in proper shape in a year or less.

No Excuse Outside Of Natural Body Process

There is however no excuse for a man who decides to take on a big belly because of over eating and lack of exercise. It isn’t right. Stop it. Give the lady back her husband as much as possible as he was when she met him.

Training Opportunity

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